the sky is blue & so am I

The sky is blue, and so am I.

To you, I am filled with ever changing clouds. As you try to discern the image it shifts so slightly. This slight, over and over again, is a transformation. The elusive drama that crept up and crawled through, spinning webs and trapping dust, is now on full display. Your gaze stays fixed centre stage, perplexed by the notion that now you are merely a witness to the action you once had as muscle memory.

I stare back out and see only a flash. A light so bright that I am shocked still, as if paralyzed. Muscle memory. Muscle memory. Muscle memory. My body keeps moving, but I am not in control.

I want to cry for help, but nothing comes out. I want so desperately to have you know that what you see isn't me.

I am not the clouds in the sky. I am not the sun or the moon. I am not the stars painting stories through constellations.

The sky is blue, and so am I. Then red, orange, purple, and violet. Fleeting moments of bliss wrapped around a charade. Rising and setting as a reminder of the beauty that is. Somewhere. Lost beyond the terror of the mundane.

Everyday is blue.
And the clouds come and go.
The sun and moon in tandem.
The stars reminding of light lost and distant.

I am blue, too.