wind + dust

I feel the wind surround me as I stare down the edge of the cliff.
I'm here again, this familiar place. 
It's been longer this time
And it seems with every return, the time I'm away extends,
Yet its existence is eternally imprinted on
Each of my senses.

I try to assess the situation, to rationalize it.
I fancy myself a problem-solver, a forward thinker
but I forget that in the wind, I can't hear my own thoughts.
There's a constant and unwavering static 
Spiders, spinning cobwebs in my attic.
I let the dust accumulate in free form.

Its sprinkles become layers
Upon layers 
Upon layers
Someone I once was.

How long will it be until I scare everyone away?
How frightening I must be.
How frightened I must be.